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Advanced analysis

Save time, gain in performance!

Overworked social media marketers can’t give the best of themselves.Save time to gain performance with a strategic and integral watch over your brand on social networks via one platform

One-click Reporting

Save hours of typing and replace the excel sheets with instant reports. Branded, instant, sharable reports ready to go!

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Brand Analysis

All the necessary metrics to keep your brand’s performance on track are at your fingertips!

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 Kpeiz Tools

Facebook Brand Insights

Combine creativity with results and upscale your content strategy.

Don’t know what’s going on with your facebook content strategy? Keep your poor visibility at a bay and get actionable insights to inform every decision you take. Bad results and poor visibility can blur your vision and trap you in guesswork. Actionable metrics and enhanced visibility can guide you to where you’re planning to head. Facebook Brand Insights has all your data and metrics organized for you to analyze.

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 Kpeiz Tools

Fast Reporting

Get an instant report and avoid wasting hours of typing

Struggling every time with writing the report and spending hours typing in the excel sheets? Use our advanced social media analytics tool and get your report fast and quickly to dive deep into the most important indicators to boost your engagement.

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 Kpeiz Tools

Instagram Stories analytics

Optimize your stories publishing strategy.

Use Instagram Stories analytics to publish more content that resonates with your audience. Metrics like Stories reach and Taps, completion rate and others allow you to create an effective bonding with audience.

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 Kpeiz Tools

Instagram Brand Insights

Inform your strategy with social data and insights.

Not sure what strategic decision you should take next? Get your Instagram Brand Insights and be confident with each step you take. Discover the “why” in every “what” and make a data-driven marketing strategy. In each section of Brand Insights we gather all your data in one place to give you an oversight of the big picture.

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love what we do

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We're really glad to work with Kpeiz Analytics and to deal with those highly proactive and professional people ! Keep it up Guys

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Sarah Arbi

CEO, G-Dice

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Kpeiz has helped us manage different communities on social media more efficiently, which allows us to provide better service for our customers. The solution saved the team time and increased productivity.

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Mustapha Boussabat

Head of Digital - Memac Ogilvy Label

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It is a very useful tool! Helps a lot with benchmarking and understanding competition

Iheb Béji

CEO, Medianet

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