Benefits of Hackathons: Why should I go for it?

Did you ever consider hackathon participation as a way to spend your time?  Did you ever wonder why you should ‘’invest’’ 24, 48, or 72 hours of your time at a hackathon?
If hackathon participation is not on your to-do list, here is a checklist of the top 7 benefits of hackathon participation that you should consider . Be ready to start putting hackathons on your radar.          

1: Enhancing your soft skills since your technical competencies are not enough for entering the corporate arena.                               

2: Beefing up your resume since recruiters look beyond your education cycle and focus on things that helped build your persona. Therefore, by listing your hackathon participations, you build your brand as a person who takes initiative, who is a constant learner and someone who enjoys being challenged.

3: Networking and being introduced to potential recruiters because Hackathons are all about meeting and being introduced to like minded people.

4: Pushing yourself to the limits. Hackathons provides a perfect space to discover one’s capacities and talents. It will take you out of your comfort zone and bring your real aptitudes to the surface.     

5: Having the chance to bring to life a project that you had in your back pocket for a long time.                                                       

6: Winning interesting prizes and gadgets.                                   

7: Getting inspired thanks to the contagious and positive energy. Upon the end of the event, it is most likely that you will leave with many ideas and new goals regardless whether you finished your demo or not.

In few words, unleash your potential and give it a try. You will get to experience all the amazing benefits that hackathon participation provides!

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