Facebook video ad creation for mobile released!

Following last week’s release of the “create to convert framework”, the Facebook creative shop unveiled its video creation tool which would make space for marketers to be more creative especially after statistics have shown that videos perform better than photos on Facebook.

The idea is to add motion to the still photos and turn them into video ads. To make it possible, the team worked out a video creation kit optimizable for mobile.

This new functionality involves 4 templates that can be found in Ads manager, either in a single video or in a slideshow format serving to make it easy for advertisers to create the most effective mobile video ads “that follow a performance-optimized story arc.”

The choice of the template depends on the objective you’ve set for your ad:

Promote a product (6 seconds): Set the focus on a key product to prompt interest and conversions.
Sell multiple products (6 seconds): display a pick of products, promote a special offer and make profits.
Show product benefits (15 seconds): Underline product features, use case studies or demonstrate how a product functions.
Drive product discovery (15 seconds): Bring life to the brand and highlight its uniqueness.

The templates are easily editable to suit the brand’s color, style, and logo.

Along with templates, the kit involves a video cropper that customizes the frame of the video according to Facebook’s recommended aspect.


Nidhal Chemkhi

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