The Secret to Prepare an effective Social Media Report

However social media report is not always a pleasant task for marketers, it should be done with a great deal of attention to get the credit they deserve.

Before we start, we need to know how important it is to have a regular monthly social media report:

The key common element between the above points is precision. The more accurate the more convincing you are. And, the more data-based your strategy is, the more profitable it will get.

What characterizes a good social media report?

  • Clarity: you just need to take a glimpse to deduce the conclusion
  • Global and thorough in terms of the key performance indicators, but not too lengthy: an all-in-one report
  • Coherent: categorizing features thematically

To meet the above features, you would need to spend a plenty of time on preparing your report. It might go at the expense of your work!

The answer lies in using the adequate tools. Think about it: reporting your social media performance is not a simply-doable task. You can easily get confused with numbers and get the wrong results.

Three words qualify the reporting process:

  • Reliability: getting the actual results. Grounding your conclusions and general feedbacks on numbers will definitely help you come to an objective synthesis.
  • Accuracy: giving importance to the minute details of your key performance and extracting conclusions from it will certainly build trust between you and the other party (client, team members)
  • Efficiency: efficiency rests in the conclusion you will draw from the report. The conclusion will outline your subsequent action plan in the light of the insights found in your report.

Nidhal Chemkhi

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