How to get followers on Instagram could be a haunting task for marketers.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with your new business Instagram account or you just want to get more followers in an organic way, you’ve reached the right source.

Before taking off we need to agree on one basic premise: buying fake followers is the wrong way to go.


Simply because, they won’t lead to conversion, not directly or indirectly.

These fake followers, views, etc are called in the digital culture “vanity metrics”, seen as meaningless figures that only make YOU feel good yourself, but would do no good to your business.

There is a way to do things in a more efficient way!

By having authentic followers, you’re sure that your followers are genuinely interested in your product. You need to build proximity with your followers by understanding their affinities and creating content that speaks specifically to them in order to have an engaged and interactive community.


1- Hook Them with a clear bio

So first things first, take it as a general rule, people won’t follow an account without understanding its purpose. Crafting a clear bio is one way to do so: explain your activity and what you offer them. This could be a good way to make a selection of your audience

When someone opens your profile, the bio is the first thing they see, and thus their first encounter with you.

If not by chance, followers come to your account searching for something, whether what you are selling or they love your feed, so you have to do it properly.


2- Use some sneaky ways to interact with the community 

Allocate time everyday to sneak into other accounts within your channel’s niche and interact with them: make yourself known and familiar throughout your community. Neil Patel found that for every 100 likes, he received roughly 6 followers. If you’re strapped for time, you can use tools like AiGrow to organically automate the process.

Key takeaway: investing efforts on Instagram visibly pays off. Don’t neglect your audience, I’d opt a regular publishing rhythm for maximum benefits!


3- Make Instagram stories that matter 

Not too much into stories? 

More than 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day!

Instagram stories are what makes your audience more engaged and encourage them to interact more with you either by asking them questions and take their opinion. You’re free to post as many stories as you want.

You can use live stories as they’re growing trends and people aren’t missing any of those to talk more about your products, to give tips or advice maybe.

4- Hashtags and geotags  recruit new followers

When it comes on hashtags on Instagram, dropping as many as you may think of is not a bad idea. But, keep it below 25.

To decide which hashtags work the best with your account. You can try a different range of hashtags with a number of different posts then check which post was the best performing and thus identify the best range of hashtags.

5- Follow your competitors’ followers

Let’s admit that it is a sneaky way. Its efficiency is however undeniable ; )

Identify your competitors’ accounts, browse their posts and check out people who interact with those posts. Follow them and interact with them in turn by liking or commenting on some of their posts.

Go for competitors with small audiences, because then you’re sure that their followers are a good quality audience. A renown competitor would have a wide range of audience, most among whom are a not qualified audience.

6- Pick the best time to post

End the guessing game, post at the best time in order to benefit the most from your posts. 

Well, there is no general rule that defines the best range of time to post. In order to choose the ultimate time, follow these simple instructions:


7- Grow engagement with your audience

A post that engages well with the audience is better shown to more audience. So is decided by the Instagram algorithm.

A simple like of your follower’s comment, or commenting back is an efficient way to be more present on the Instagram feed and to compensate your followers’ efforts and interest in your content.

To be more practical, you may daily check your engagement rate here !

8- Display your Instagram posts within your blog post

Like this:

As visitors of your blog will come across the post, they’d end up giving your Instagram a spin. This will give your Instagram account more visibility and quality followers.


BONUS TIP: Keep a light mood on Instagram, Insert inside jokes, and maintain a more familiar tone. People don’t go there to seek serious business content. 





Nidhal Chemkhi

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